Becoming an Appointed Representative for General Insurance


Would you like to be your own Boss in Insurance!!!

Many people would love to be their own boss, have their own business and make their own decisions everyday. However, most will never do it due to fear! Whilst setting up your own business can be very daunting, its also incredibly rewarding. Maybe you want to be a General Insurance Broker, set up your own MGA or Underwriting Agency?

At the Essential Network, we help you build a proper plan of action and provide you with such benefits as:

  • Full direct access to all our markets and underwriters
  • Purple Partnership Members
  • Full compliance monitoring programme that is reviewed every month
  • Own key Account Manager
  • Full review of working business model at inception with annual revie
  • Integrated Technology with full support
  • No requirement for additional FCA Licence or Professional Indemnity Costs
  • No requirement for FCA work such as CASS Audit or Gabriel Reporting
  • More time for sales and client management

Just talk to us and we can help you make that great step forward! Your only regret is that you didn’t talk to us sooner!


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