To ensure everyone is working from the same system, you will be required to have a licence(s) for Applied Systems’ applied TAM database and CRM.

You will be given access only to your branch allowing your office to run independently of others whilst ensuring that your documentation, compliance and accounting is centralised.

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In order to satisfy the FCA’s requirements for principals to measure an AR’s training and competency levels, we have partnered with RWA Development Zone. This is a simple system that allows you to take specific courses in all areas of insurance.

All training will be handled on a bespoke basis according to need. Therefore, once you have completed the compulsory regulatory modules, your training needs will be assessed and a suitable programme will be put in place which goes towards satisfying any continuous professional development requirements you may have. This also applies for anyone else in the business and is especially useful for those at junior or apprentice level to give them a programme of ongoing training that minimises the overall impact to the business.

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As well as helping you run a successful business, compliance is at the heart of everything we do. In our opinion, a compliant business will very likely be a well organised and profitable one. Those who choose to ignore the regulator will eventually fall foul of them. Our compliance is multi-level and dynamic in accordance with the needs and overall structure of your business. However, it is broadly split into the following groups.

  • Ongoing Due Diligence – This effects the business in different ways but basically once we process your application we are obliged to check that you remain compliant. Normally this will be an annual check to ensure that you still satisfy the requirements of an approved person and remain on the register, but also the company traded accounts to ensure solvency is not an issue
  • File Auditing – Initially, we will check a sample of your files on TAM once per month for various compliance criteria. You will then receive a report showing where the business is satisfactory and where improvements need to be made. The period of auditing may reduce or increase in relation to the current regulatory position. As standard – on cases in excess of £10,000 Gross Written Premium, we will look to ensure that there are no particular implications to our Professional Indemnity insurance arrangements
  • The Compliance Monitoring Plan – This is a periodical checklist carried out whereby we look at the overall compliance situation of a firm. Many issues are covered but examples of ongoing regulatory checks are: - Data protection - Whistle-blowing - Financial crime - Disaster recovery planning
  • 1 2 1's – Although we will be conversing and interacting on a regular basis due to the fact we are business partners, we go one step further to ensure that all official plans and discussions are well documented. This goes a step towards demonstrating to the FCA that we are not only monitoring your regulated activities but that we have a solid understanding of the structure of the business and its future.



Marketing is the cornerstone of any business. The overall marketing strategy of the AR is controlled by the AR and the Network will not interfere with its overall direction or resourcing.

Notwithstanding this, everyone needs help from time to time as they may not have the right contacts. As part of The Essential Network deal, we give you access to the following additional services:


Website – Web Design and Media Specialists

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Our initial aims, when dealing with any prospective client, is to determine and understand your expectations and how best to translate this into an online presence. We can advise on what technologies are best suited for your requirements, while helping you avoid the inevitable pitfalls that can be associated with the use of certain technologies.

We can assist in the design process through to hosting and managing your entire online space. We offer exceptionally competitive prices while maintaining the highest of standards and services where it counts most.

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Graphic Design for Print and Web

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As an independent graphic designer and a creative artworker, I deliver integrated website design, graphic design and branding solutions that transform and grow businesses. I have gained over 20 years experience working on a wide range of projects.

I am committed to providing unbeatable quality and service to all of my clients at affordable and competitive rates. I can help with branding, website design, marketing, advertising, reports, presentations, exhibition material, infographics, email campaigns and any other design project.

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