We have two propositions on offer:


The Network Scheme will be our standard offering.

The featured benefits are:

  • Full Direct Access to all our Markets and Underwriters
  • Full Compliance Monitoring Programme that is reviewed every month
  • Own Key Account Manager
  • Full review of working business model at inception with annual review
  • Integrated Systems with full support
  • No requirement of continued costs of FCA licence or PI Insurance
  • No requirement for FCA work such as CASS Audit or Gabriel Reporting
  • More time for Sales and Client Management
  • Option for investment in the business
  • Potential Sale or Acquisition Opportunities offered with the Network with assisted Due Diligence


(Appointed Representative to Directly Authorised Proposition)

The Xcelerator Scheme provides not only the full benefits of the Network Scheme but also includes:

  • Full Support in FCA Application
  • Training on FCA regulations including Client Money and Gabriel
  • Compliance monitoring plan Set Up


To match our profile, you should:

  • Be a Start Up business, an existing Appointed Representative of up to £1Mil Gross Written Premium or a Directly Authorised Firm of up to £1Mil Gross written who is looking to reduce costs or improve their overall compliance processes
  • Have a large commercial insurance basis
  • Have a solid business proposal or model
  • Have a solid insurance sales background
  • Be grounded in the SME market
  • Want to use effective insurance technologies and have a desire to run 'paperless'

We may consider your application if:

  • You work part-time or sell insurance secondary to another product or service
  • You have an exclusive scheme you wish to set up
  • You are a call centre type operation that may be attempting to transact a simple but volume based insurance product
  • You deal with large cases in excess of £100,000

We are unlikely to be able to help if:

  • You have no insurance background
  • You are unwilling to change your processes or practices
  • You are predominantly looking to transact motor trade business
  • You wish to continue trading personal lines products other than Mid and High Net Worth Home Insurance (unless it's part of a special scheme)
  • You transact as a Sole Trader rather than on a Limited Liability basis

The Business Plan

The cornerstone of every business is its business plan

We are attracted to businesses that have a solid business plan and you will need to provide one before we can consider your application further.

We do not want to change the way you want to work, we want to improve it! As part of this we put your plan under proper scrutiny, looking at every aspect to ensure that every detail can withstand the harshest criticisms. This is how you are going to give yourself every chance of business success.

We apply our own personal experience to the business plan to make sure that not only your ideas are creative but also ensuring that they are both practical and measurable.

Your business plan will form part of our overall 'Due Diligence' and acceptance process.

Due Diligence

Once we have met or have discussed your proposals and provisionally agreed to proceed, we must complete a very strict due diligence process. This is due to the FCA's strict requirements when appointing firms and approved persons to our register.

By providing this information, you can be safe in the knowledge that we are undertaking a strong process to protect you, and we in turn are confident that if the FCA raises any issues about your individual case, we are in a position to justify our decision.

You will need to supply us with:

  • Completed proposal forms (we will supply these to you at the time of application)
  • Copy of passport or photocard driving licence
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Credit reference
  • Criminal record check
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Character reference from a registered business
  • CO – Data protection register certificate
  • Certificate of employers’ liability (if you employ someone)

If you are an existing Appointed Representative, you will ALSO need to supply us with:

  • Previous year's submitted accounts or current management accounts
  • A regulatory reference from your principal firm

If you are a Directly Authorised FCA firm, you will ALSO need to supply us with

  • A copy of your current Gabriel Report
  • Your last CASS report (if you hold client money)
  • Previous year's submitted account or current management accounts